What I do?

variety of my graphic design capabilities

Visual identity

Creative ideas, new trends and usability for your project

If you are bored of a stock images you come to the right place. I can design for you brand materials or whatever comes to your mind. Crafted with love to match your needs.

Graphic design

Graphic design for modern brands

My main area of interest is branding including elements like visual identity (logo, business cards and all that jazz), and web design solutions (responsive wireframes, mockups and final outcome project). When it comes to user interface I can also design an application interface, both iOS and android native platforms. Apart from my digital work, I also do editorial design (such as brochures and magazines layouts). My absolute favorite are data visualizations, which are basically infographics and other visual images provided from given data.

Art & design

Unite of art and design

I will earn my Masters degree soon. Along with my commercial tasks, I also work on personal art projects for my own development, graphic design competitions and exhibitions.


Workshops for creatives

I have been running manual and design workshops for creatives (kids & teens) with Kamil Kowalczyk for 2 years. We had a great opportunity to run many of them. If you are interesting in learning more please click here for additional information.

Software I use

variety of software for your ideas

Brand & editorial design
Adobe Suite
Brand & editorial design

I'm using an Adobe software pack: Photohop, Illustor and InDesign. I also know the basic knowledge of After Effects and Principle.

App and UI design
App and UI design

I'm using a Sketch software to create a wireframes and final output design. I can also combine it with a prototyping tools like InVision or Marvel so you can see the interaction between the screens or Principle to show you how the animation can work.

Data visualization
Data visualization

I can manage data for example form excel to make it easier to understand for your audience.