User Interface design

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UI sketchbook

Sketches to improve my design skills

Wireframes and creations in Sketch and Adobe Xd.

  1. Creations in Sketch and Adobe Xd
  2. MineralsBox app

Android app

MineralsBox App

The app was aimed at helping people to find more useful tool for the android users. Users would be able to browse for different type of minerals and read more useful informations about them. Moreover, the app could be useful for students as a tool for education purposes.
Android & iOS app

Tamu app

Tamu is a food ordering app available in Google Play store an AppStore.

Available for Londoners.

web design


You can watch a short animation with my own voiceover (only in Polish).

Web design


Ultramaryna is a local portal where you can search for cultural events based in Silesia region, Poland.

More of the projects coming soon

Uploading in progress