Printed brand materials


Academic linguistic printed publication

The way we speak

Illustration show the way we speak and pronounce words. It has been designed for a linguistic academic publication in Czech Republic.

Typographic presentation of Aleo font


Concept of specimen dedicated to free font Aleo by Alessio Laiso. The theme of the project is happines. You can also compare the texts sizes by featuers like cutted pages or invisible foils. Easy & fun to use.

Typographic presentation of Aleo font

Data vizualisation

Data vizualisation of my postacrd's collection. I created it for fun in Adobe Illustator.
Portfolio digital cover


Cover of my printed portfolio. Glitched technique created in Photoshop.
Crazy, isn't it?

Portfolio digital cover

Alternative poems

Alternative poems illustrations. Every image is a visual commentary to rebel poems written by polish poets. The main topic is sexuality and abuse of a woman.
Typographic presentation of Aleo font

Letter to the Cannibals

Illustration and concept of a book design. The title of it is Letter to the Cannibals written by Tadeusz Różewicz. The impression of the text is modern and poetic. Cannibals are a metaphor in there.

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