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Project of City in Green was exhibited in April 2017 in polish Association of Architects main office. The exhibition took place at main square in Wrocław, Poland.

Poster is dedicated for an ubran event, I used a metaphore of inifity shape to show the viewer that life of a modern city never stops.

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Poster was exhbited in “Cassubia Visuales“ theme exhibition 07–09.2017 in Fabric of Culture in Reda, Poland & Museum of Literature and Music of Kashubian-Pomeranian in Wejherowo & Community Center in Rumia Janowa, Poland.



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Active Design is a conference organized by Design student’s society. Event took a place in Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice city (Poland).The goal of the whole project was to promote awareness of using technology in design field. The idea behind is was to show students how to collaborate with a small and medium sized enterprises.

Co author: product designer Kamil Kowalczyk.

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[ivy_services_shortcode image=”2674″ top_text=” Poster designed in a regional pattern style” title=”Sputnik nad Polską – Спутник над Польшeй” desc=”

Concept of a playcard for polish-russian movie festival. I used two colours and highlights to show dialogos between two countries as a programme of the event.

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