Selected commercial projects & concepts


G.23 – visual identity for a secondary school

Tangram shaped logotype

The concept behind Tangram is that by choosing specific solutions from given basic flat shapes, we can create own our compositions in our own way. This is a metaphor for personalized and creative education — we all begin at the same place.
Active Design logotype

Logotype designed for a winter sport's conference

The logotype was created on a circle shape grid. Movement of the particular element has a reference to a breathing. The colours refer to winter’s and water’s colour pallet. The shape of a logo itself is a reference to Olympic Games circles.
Co-author: Kamil Kowalczyk.
Expert – accounting services

Typographic solution

Project of a logotype was inspired by a percent sign which is a great metaphor of financial care which is the core of the company. Dark blue color is responsibly for trust-worth and reliable image of the brand.

Logotype designed for an accordionist and his band

Marcin Wyrostek

Logotype dedicated to Marcin Wyrostek, a professional accordionist, who won the first prize at polish got a talent second edition TV show. The idea behind it is to show his identity and passion for his carer as a musician visually. The title of the single is POL-ACC which means an accordion tact and a polish man.

Logo for an alternative band

Ciśnienie (Tension) is an alternative band from Katowice, Poland. They are four musicians with a professional background. Apart from their usual concerts, they decided to form an alternative, underground band. Their music is mysterious, ambitious and experimental. I portrait their brand as a typographic, vibrant image (hey, their name is tension, right?) and the rest of the key visual is following the idea of being a bit glitched and distorted, just like their music.
Water provider's conference

Hydropresenations 2016 & 2017

Logotype designed for a water provider's conference. The main goal of the conference was to find a solution how to make water more clean. I simply decided to illustrate this idea in a mark.


Silesian Universities Network

Redesign of a logo dedicated to united Silesian Universities in Katowice city, Poland. Target group are students.

Logo dedicated to urbanists

The Plan Ahead

Logo design for a British start-up called The Plan Ahead. Target group are young architects, planners and town planners. The reference is a town planner's stripped map from a bird's eye view.

Logo dedicated to a restaurant

Mały Książe

Logo for a pub called The Little Prince. The logo is a mixed look of a rose (symbol of The Little Prince) and a restaurant table from a bird's view.

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