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[ivy_services_shortcode image=”2485″ desc=”Branding dedicated to Marcin Wyrostek – the winner of Poland Got Talent 2nd edition. He’s an accordionist but his brand is also dedicated to the band he plays with. Managment ask me to promote Marcin as a leader of the group. In here you can see the accordion as a reference to his own story of being a musician. The name of the new CD is “POL-ACC“ which is a wordplay and it means polish man an accordion is the same time. I’ve chosen red and white colour theme as a reference to polish national colours.” letter=”m”]

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Expert is an accounting company. For their key visual I used 2 elements – a % symbol and a dark, deep blue colour. The first one is included in the name of the company, which is the reference to their own identity and core of their business. I’ve chosen that colour to suggest that the company is serious and reliable.

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Active Design is a conference organized by Design student’s society. The event took a place in Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice city (Poland).The goal of the whole project was to promote awareness of using technology in a design field. The idea behind it was to show students how to collaborate with a small and medium-sized enterprise. That should be motivation for them to know more about innovational solutions.The project has been combined with modern design and strong connection with Silesia region. We also focus on promoting a trend of a healthy lifestyle.The logotype was created on a circle shape grid. Movement of the particular elements has a reference to a breathing. That choice is connected with a symbolism of active life.The colours refer to winter’s and water’s colour pallet. A shape of a logo itself is a reference to Olympic Games circles. The whole logotype has meant to be dynamic and industrial.

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